A Postcard from Palm Springs

https://www.chat-quiberon.com/2024/01/18/gxk39uid Your beloved cosmic VJ is coming to you LIVE from downtown Palm Springs.

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I decided to hang out in another desert today.  It’s very quiet here.  That’s because it’s the off season.  People avoid Palm Springs in the summer because it is SO hot.  However, when you want to get away to a cheap but ritzy place, you can’t beat it.  A five star hotel here is less than $150 bucks a night – midweek.  I’m still playing my “how much can I save game.”  I’m just window shopping and eating real cheap.  I rode the free trolley that shuttles people around town.  It was air conditioned.  🙂 Yes, I’m pretty happy right now.  I hope you are having happy thoughts too!  In case you need a little help…


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