The Eternal Light of My Love

see url Good evening sweet girls! It’s Friday night and I decided to treat myself to a night out at a local wine bar. I’m sitting here drinking a very smooth Chianti ( dry Italian wine) so, I decided to create a new post. The singer tonight is a friend of mine and I’ve been promising him that I’d drop by and watch him perform. I heard you and your sister got to meet up recently and I think that’s terrific. Remember when you both used to fight? I’d tell you to be good to each other because some day, she’d be like, your best friend. How many people would travel to see you?? That’s a damn good sister! Well, I’d better say “Hello” to my friend. Then I’ll drive home. When I pull up to the house, I’ll see the light I had installed in the attic. It’s kinda like my night light. Makes it look like someone lives upstairs. I’ve decided that I’m going to keep that light on UNTIL you come home safe. It’s the Eternal light of my love for you sweet Bea!