Test Drive: Ford Fiesta

I drove the Ford Fiesta today.  I drove the Ford Focus (a step up from the Fiesta) when I was waiting for my car to get fixed in March.  I did like the Fiesta.  It had a lot more power than the Fiat.  The blind spot wasn’t nearly as big either.  A salesman named Brandon let me drive it on the highway and then back up D Street.  This car is ranked #2 in safety and overall performance by US News and World Report.  The Honda Fit is #1.  I’m saving the Honda for later.  I KNOW how good those cars are.

The guy is the video is VERY hard sell.  I have to admit, I NEVER buy a car without walking away from it first.  If I’m meant to have it, it will be there.  Besides, sometimes the salespeople can be very aggressive and I want to be sure the salesman has enough confidence in his/her product that I can walk away.  You NEED to trust this person if you are going to hand them your business. You are entering into a 2-5 year contract with their company.  THIS is how you test them.  If I’m going to take out a $20,000 loan, you’d better believe I’m going to test them!  The test drive isn’t just for the car!  See how this works, Girlies… ACTIONS speak louder than words.  In this case INACTION might speak louder.  Brandon (the Ford sales guy) sent me a text later so we could connect, but after that he left me alone – he understands that I’m not ready to purchase…yet!

I wish I knew what colors of cars your sister likes.  What does she what to do in the future?  A smaller car will be easier to parallel park and manipulate in those narrow city streets.  I’ll need you to tell me what she might like.  Of course, I have to like it too!  I’m going to be driving it for a few years before she gets it. This car gets great gas mileage too and is MUCH cheaper than the Honda Fit. I drove an automatic transmission as I will for all these test drives.  I do know how to drive a stick, but I’m betting you don’t. I’m not sure which model of the Fiesta I’m leaning towards.  Kinda depends on what they have on the lot.  Brandon explained to me that cars that have been on the lot for over 200 days get priced down BIG TIME!!!  I drove a Silvery Fiesta today.  And it had over $3000 in rebates attached to it.  Yeah!!! Money that stays in my pocket!