Your Pink Slip in Here!

Finally!  I had to send for a duplicate because the DMV didn’t know that I moved.  This is not what a real pink slip looks like.  I don’t want my personal info out on the internet, including my address.  But, it’s in my hand.  And I will sign the car over to you, Purity, on your eighteenth birthday.  I will do nothing with the car (except drive it) until I hear from you.  DO NOT CONTACT ME sooner than your birthday.  I can wait.  It saves me money to keep driving it. If I don’t hear from you, I’ll just keep driving it.  Its a win-win situation for me.  If I keep driving that car, I save money.  If you claim the car, I get to see you smile so big.  The car will be yours outright.  Just do me a favor…don’t go get yourself killed in that car.  I’ll never forgive myself!  Enjoy dreaming Purity!

Pink Slip