Six Months To Drive

While I cannot give Bea a car right now, the wheels in my head have already begun turning.  I’m already looking at other cars that would, eventually become yours, Bea, if you needed it.  If the parents come through for you, I’m glad.  But I’m going to prepare to give you a car too.  So, I’m looking for a safe, but reliable car to buy next. It won’t be brand new.  But it will do the job you need it to.  I’m not sure what kind of car you’d like? French cars are kind of expensive.  We have time yet.

Today is a VERY special day for you, Bea.  In EXACTLY six months, you will be sixteen and able to drive.  Yes, I had it on my calendar.  I still celebrate all your important days. Try to get online to our state department of motor vehicles and study the practice tests. Purity will show you how.

In the meantime, Pink wrote this beautiful song called “Bridge of Light.”  She sang it for the movie Happy Feet 2.  There is a penguin baby who cannot be with his mother.  The only way she can help him is to send him songs.  She sings her advice to him and this helps him get through the tough times.  So, the next time you REALLY need me, either of you, listen to this song.  Thank you Pink.  You sing it so well.