Other Changes

Change is a good thing and inevitable in the world.  Some people say you can “be apart of the change, or swept up by it.”  It’s a lot easier if YOU initiate the change as you feel more in control of the world.  But, as we all know, sometimes change happens when you cannot control it.  You must simply learn to “go with the flow,” “let it be,” and sometimes “let it go.”

I’ve decided the website will have a different look as well as a more mature feel to it.  I will be, from now on, be including some music and clips that are R rated according to the Motion Picture Association of America. In Europe, children are exposed to works of art and cultural practices (like drinking wine) that are mature far earlier than they are in the States. Since you are both over the age of 16, I don’t think this is too unrealistic to show you at this point. I’m not asking you/telling you to do it.  I just want you both to be aware of these things. For example, some American hotels are starting to include amenities for Europeans (like topless pools) because the American hoteliers realize they are losing business to others due to their – well – puritanism.  We Americans can be a self righteous lot, as turns out.

I will also change the content slightly and I will not include stuff I do in class any longer.  You’ve seen it all, pretty much and I don’t want my students to see any of the more adult material.

I also said good bye to the blue Honda yesterday.  It was hard because that car took me on my LA adventure and back.  I could never have had that experience if not for that car.  It was reliable and tough.  I will miss that car very much for other reasons too.  We had so many adventures in that car.  I toyed with the idea of giving it to your big brother.  But I’ve given him quite a lot of money.  It just wasn’t the right way to go.

My new British Racing Green MINI Cooper is a lot of fun to drive. Everyone should have an exciting car like this to drive at some point in their lives. It makes me feel a bit like I’m in Europe again, which feels amazing.  It’s like having a bit of London with me every day (MINIs are manufactured in England).

I was listening to this song as I was driving today.  Now, I can listen to ANY song on the internet and connect it through the premium sound system in the car.  WOW!  It sounds spectacular!  I love this version of “Cinema Italiano” by Kate Hudson. There are moments in this clip that are R rated.  Give it a listen if you wish…