Don’t Indulge in a Pity Party

You know what a pity party is?  When you are just bitter and resentful about how life is going and you are determined to tell EVERYONE about it.

I have a friend that is doing this right now.  Unfortunately he’s struggling in several areas of his life: finances, relationships, health.  They are all kind of feeding into each other and he’s miserable.  And he’s decided to stay that way.

It’s too bad.  Being in this state, he has so much less ability to help himself.  He needs to buckle down and take things off his plate that are not helping him.

He needs to make more money and spend less.  He might even need a debt consolidation program.

He shouldn’t even think about dating right now.  I could tell him all this now, but he’s in no frame of mind to hear it.  He’s too deep in pity party mode.

Try not to get here.  It’s very hard to get out of.  It doesn’t help you move forward.  It just keeps you stuck saying stuff like this…

Here’s Melanie Martinez singing her song, “Pity Party.”