Off With Her Head!

Henry VIII was one of the most fascinating figures in world history.  He lived in the 1500s and was King of England and Irelend.  He was the father of Queen Elizabeth I.  I got to see his royal residence at the Tower of London when I visited England last year.  If I go back this summer, I’d like to visit his other home, given to him by the infamous, Cardinal Wolsey: Hampton Court.  Tonight, I’m indulging in a Tudors Marathon.  The Tudors is a British mini series about Henry and each of his eight wives.  You’ve heard of him, right!? When he was unhappy with his wife, he’d get rid of her – sometimes choosing to have her beheaded.  I visited the exact spot of all those beheadings.  Whew!  Pretty creepy, let me tell you.  But the show keeps me company (this is my third watching of the series) on these cold autumn nights.  Here’s a preview.  If you wanna see more, it’s streaming on Netflix.