Feeling Very Posh!

I just joined the country club near my lake house.  I’m feeling very posh right now.  So I can use the heated swimming pool, tennis courts and golf course.  I’m not a golfer.  But I do like tennis.  I took it as a class in high school.  That is, until some gal started bullying me.  I told the teacher.  She did nothing.  So, I transferred out of the class.  Just as I was leaving, the teacher promised to deal with it.  No thank you!  You had your chance!  You dropped the ball!  I ended up having to  work an extra semester in the records office at AVHS because of it.  Who cares!  It was the principle of the thing!


The waitress at the club, who is a friend from the theatre just comped (gave it to me for free) my drink and snack at the club.  It’s good to have friends!

I hope you are finding lots of new interests to keep life from getting dull.  I know you probably don’t look at this website everyday.  And that’s ok.  I’m here whenever you need a bit of “Prudence.”

I used to work at this country club as a bus person.  You know, the person who clears the tables after the customers eat.  My old boss walked by as I was filling out my application.  This is her: Dottie.


So weird! Life does have a way of turning around.  One day, you are bussing tables.  Thirty years later, YOU are telling your ex boss you need a bag for your food to go home.