The Reason for the Season

Whether you feel that people should embrace “Happy Holidays” or demand that we all proclaim a “Very Merry Christmas” I think we can agree that peace and love are the real aims of this festive time of year.  Christmas is SO commercialized, which makes it hard to remember the REAL reasons for celebrating.  I almost feel as if we’ve already celebrated Christmas.  I’ve been looking at Christmas stuff in the stores for SO long.  But please don’t forget the story behind all the commercialism.  I hope you’ve found some way to let God into your hearts.  Being spiritual doesn’t save you from pain in this life, but it helps the pain be a bit more bearable.

This song is called, “What Child is This.”  It was originally written by King Henry VIII as a love song for his sweetheart (and second wife) Anne Bolyn.  She was the first queen to lose her head.  The song was originally called “Greensleeves.” In 1865, it was fashioned into the Christmas song we know today.  Insurance salesman, Charles Dix wrote it as he recuperated from a deadly illness.  His life spared, his spirituality was renewed and he wrote these lyrics. It is probably my favorite Christmas song – along with Silent Night. Josh Groban sings it for you both, tonight.  Good night, sleep tight, pleasant dreams, I love you!!

P.S. Please have Bea read her birthday story on October 11 posting!  If she watches the video where we sing her “Happy Birthday,” I can see this!!! The number of viewings goes up.  Stuff like that makes me very happy.  ☺️????