Then, the Moon Light Continues…

Buy Xanax From Overseas My friends from temple are getting very excited by the moon dance party.  Anything novel attracts folks.  I just have to be careful I do my research and not mess up.  Once, I did a Valentine’s Day themed Shabbat.  Doesn’t sound like a problem, right?!  WRONG!  Valentines Day goes along with the story of Saint Valentine the Italian priest.  You know the story – the very CHRISTIAN story. There were people that got so mad they wouldn’t come back to temple for months.  Yes, I do mess up sometimes.  We all do.  If you aren’t messing up, you aren’t living your life. Not that you should go out of your way to mess up. Just forgive yourself when you do, learn from the mistake and move on. Anyway, I was looking at cakes for my party today.  I think I can handle making this.  I’ll just make two tiers instead of three. I’ll do it in buttercream, not fondant.  And instead of the white berry type floral stuff at the bottom of each tier, I had the idea to use those wee little lights that are for sale at specialty house stores. They are battery operated.  Cool huh?!  Yeah, I like making themes become reality.

Moon cake 1    White Rice Lights

And…as you can see, the cake topper is yet another nod to my two sweet girls.  You continue to be in my thoughts and in my heart.  In the meantime, keep dancing.  You never know when WE might have a chance to dance together.  “You Can’t Stop the Moonlight,” courtesy of Miss LeeAnn Rimes.

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