First, A Little Sunshine…

Today was a day of errands. I have rehearsal on Sunday evenings so I stick around town.  I got up late and went to Walmart to do some grocery shopping. Then, I came home and put the groceries away.  My friend Janet and I met for lunch at Red Robin.  We went window shopping after lunch.  I didn’t buy anything.  I’m waiting until I get paid to buy the last few things I need for my cruise.  I came home and pruned the pink rose bushes in my front yard. I continue to do odd jobs around the house as I have ANOTHER party in a few weeks.

Pink Rose

My friend, Mavican came over a few days ago.  She reads this blog everyday.  She told me she was concerned about the post I did about my death.  I told her we talk about this stuff in our family. Bea knows she’s getting “the pearls,” Purity knows she’s getting the ruby ring.  We talk about this stuff, right!  Well, I wanted to reassure you both that I’m not the kind of person who thinks about taking their own life. I’m not judging others who have done it.  I just feel my relationship with God is such that I do not allow myself to go “in the depths of despair.”  That isn’t to say that I’ve never been there.  I did lose a boyfriend about nine years ago and I was extremely sad about it.  I started going to a therapist to discuss the problem.  Everyone needs someone to talk to from time to time. When that person is not available, I talk to God.  I hope you are finding Him to be a comfort.

Whenever I find myself getting close to “the depths of despair,” I think about Anne of Green Gables and her very first meeting with the very no-nonsense Marilla Cuthbert.  Remember, Bea?