Halloween Fun: Sit Back and Enjoy the Magic

I know I talk about magic like I perform it everyday.  I do have a Harry Potter wand (pen) in my purse.  And I do believe in a kind of magic.  One example is explained below.  I have to admit, I enjoy magic like this when it happens.  I’ve had situations where people are cruel to me and then they get in trouble for being cruel.  Karma is the idea that whatever you put out into the world: hate, fear, love, sadness etc…comes back to you times three. I’ve seen it in action.  So be careful what YOU are putting out there.  Is it anger?  peace? forgiveness?  The trick here is not to watch what others do, but to watch YOUR reactions to what others do.  I’m always telling your oldest brother: you can’t control other people, just yourself.  Once you really embrace that fact – it is very liberating.  You control you.  Period!  The best part is – the “revenge” mentioned here isn’t something you’ll need to feel guilty for because YOU didn’t do anything to be sorry for.  You play it straight and true.  And then sit back and watch the “bad guy/gal” get his/her due.  It always comes full circle.  Sometimes, you just gotta be patient.  Trust the universe.  It’s working to help you if you allow it.  That isn’t to say you should trust everyone and anyone.  No.  They need to prove themselves first.  Trust YOU – your instincts.  You are wiser than you know.  Trust in yourself.  XXOO