Halloween Fun: Have a Purrfect Party!

I adopted my kitty about fifteen years ago sometime in the month of October.  She’s my Halloween Cat.  So, when I read an article in a magazine about having a kitty themed Halloween party, it made sense that we should celebrate her day in this way.  She is having a tuna fish cake ( yum for her and me) and lots of presents to unwrap.  Of course she’ll play with the tissue and ignore the new food bowl, squeeze toy and cat food lids I got her.  But, I think she’ll really love the cat nip bubbles.  Yeah, that sounds weird.  If she really likes them, I’ll post a video of her playing with them.  Anyway, my Halloween cat is pawing at me to stop posting.  I wish you were here with us.  We’ll save you a slice of tuna fish cake!  – not really. There are plenty of plates, cups and napkins left to do this again for several years to come.  What might you bring to give kitty on her special day? You’ll get your chance.  No worries!  🙂