Halloween Fun: Shopping for Magical Stuff

Whenever I would pick you up, you said you were bored hanging around the house.  So, these Halloween Fun ideas are to give you things to do when you find yourself in a boring day at home.  This idea has more to do with going out, but you might not think of looking for incense, candles etc…unless some “witchy” type person suggests it.  Today, I went down to Riverside to go to a shop that’s right out of Harry Potter.  I bought a few things for Halloween including some items I’ll be posting about later in the month.  Hopefully, Universal Studios will get their Harry Potter World up and running soon.  Then you’ll really get to enjoy some REAL magical shopping.  Until then, enjoy taking a virtual trip through Diagon Alley courtesy of yours truly – your big sister, Prudence. What kind of wand will you get? Don’t forget the sweet smelling incense. (Big Brother likes incense – did you know?)