Halloween Fun: Become a Kitchen Witch

This video was made especially for YOU by the Sketchy Scribe, herself.  Have you ever, secretly, wished you had magical powers?  You wave your wand and poof!  Something you want – happens. You can enjoy putting together a little “magic” in your very own kitchen.

Shamans (Tribal Spiritual Leaders) around the world use ritual salt baths to heal people. The salt in the bath is used to protect people and to purify them.  And you don’t need a full on bath to get the desired effect.

The next time you and your sister decide to have a night where you just hang out watching tv and giving each other manicures or pedicures (You don’t do that?!  Why not?! Great fun and you get gorgeous nails/toenails out of it!) you should try this.  Get a large bowl of water.  Before the manicure/pedicure, soak your hands/feet in the basin with the salt baths for ten minutes.  When you are finished, dry your hands/feet, lotion and give manicure/pedicure.

To create your own bath salts, you will need: salt, good smelling soap, a plastic container with a lid, a rubber band, food coloring, If you want to be fancy or give these as gifts, you can also finish up this craft with a small square of fabric and some ribbon or yarn.  Check it out!  The Sketchy Scribe is IN THE HOUSE!!!

And just in case you cannot see the above video due to school filters, here’s what you do: Mix ingredients together in the plastic container. The oil I mention in the video is basically perfume.  Just dump a teaspoon into the container after the salt.  Smile a lot as you are doing it. Listen to bewitching music, like the music below from the movie, Practical Magic.  Laugh with your sister and plan to have a mani/pedi night real soon!