If You Ever Did Believe?

If you ever did believe that I love you, I bet you are sure now!  Looking back at all the posts of the last year, it’s pretty amazing!  I love to imagine myself hanging out with you, hugging, talking, dancing, laughing. I do wish I could hold you again. I hope this website brings you comfort in knowing that I am with you.  I wish I could do more. We aren’t blood sisters like the characters in the movie, Practical Magic, but I feel you with me daily. Someday, you’ll spend the night again.  I’ll wake you up around midnight and we’ll have an impromptu party, treats and lots of kitchen dancing!  You are always in my thoughts sweet sisters.  I think often of that last hug we had in the driveway, Bea.  Thank you for giving me that last embrace. And thank you too, Purity.  I wanted to visit my drama teacher one last time, but I didn’t want to put you in a bad situation.  I hope I didn’t.  Keep believing, sweet sisters.  You are so loved!