Girl Talk

Every Friday, I meet one of my best friends for coffee and a little girl talk.  We meet around 8:30am at the Starbucks closest to the Home Depot in your town.  My friend ( we’ll refer to her as Faith) lives in the same town as you so it’s easier to go see her.  I hope you find a friend as great as my friend, Faith.  She is kind and she is so supportive of me and my happiness.  We’ve worked together in the past and I’ve known her for a long time.  I can tell her anything and she’ll keep my secrets.  She’s what a sister should be.  Please be careful who you trust your feelings with.  I think you need someone to lean on. We all do.  You’ll know that you can trust her when she accepts you just as you are.  When you are together, you laugh a lot.  Above all, she respects you.  I want you to find a friend like that.  You deserve someone great.  You deserve it because you are so special.