Time, Love and Tenderness

That last post is sad, I know.  But this one will cheer you up.  Time, love and tenderness will get us through this. Time is moving slowly, but steadily.  Purity will be able to drive alone when she turns 18.  And Bea will be getting a cell phone for her birthday – I hope.  The day we can see each other is getting closer and closer.

You know I love you.  I hope you are loving and leaning on each other and not fighting about stupid sister stuff.  What’s more important?  “Who got into the bathroom first” or having an ally in the house that you can depend on.  Let the stupid stuff go ( You’ll be a better girlfriend in the future too).

Tenderness tends to get overlooked.  Volunteering to do things for people helps me when I’m missing you.  I give other people ( or animals) the hugs, kisses and kindness that I’d give you.  I encourage you to find people to be giving to.  You will make their world brighter and YOU will also feel better.  Enjoy Michael Bolton’s song by the same name.