From Me to You

Well tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  I plan to go to church tomorrow night and I’m hoping to get Grandma to come with me.  She’s feeling kinda like a hermit these days.  On Christmas Day, I’ll take my gifts over and we’ll open them in the morning, like we usually do.  Grandma cooks up a real feast for breakfast: eggs, bacon, croissants…we even have champagne and orange juice.  Later in the afternoon, the next door neighbors are coming over and we’ll have roast beef, potatoes, carrots etc… Yum!  We’re creating a new Christmas tradition this year: Christmas cheesecake.  I can’t wait!  Of course, I’ve already begun working on your Christmas story.  Parts of it will be available tomorrow night.  I do hope you like it.  In the meantime, enjoy Tatty Teddy Bear and his Christmas Wish for you.  Xxoo