Three Wise Women, Part I

“Ugh!  I’m so bored!” thought Purity.  If she watched another episode of reality TV, she was going to go nuts!  And… she was home for the holidays with her little sister, Bea.  “Why does my little sister ALWAYS have to do what I’m doing?”

Just then, Bea entered the room.  She crashed onto her bed and looked up at her big sister.  “I can’t wait till Christmas,” she sighed.

“It will be here, though not soon enough!” Purity turned toward the TV away from her sister.

Purity wore pink glasses. She had long blonde hair the color of spun gold. Her blue eyes sparkled. Purity smiled like a supermodel as she started to become engrossed in her TV program. She was sitting on the edge of her bed as the show began, but Bea knew her sister was very tall. Purity’s seventeen years of age did not deter her sister from knowing that if she bothered her further, Purity’s next remark to her would be more like a childish growl. Bea knew Purity could be sweet when she was given a happy idea. So she tried to provide one.

“Let’s write Prudy!” Bea suggested.

“You know we can’t do that,” murmured Purity.

“But we can write a story, and put Prudy in it with us. We don’t even have to write it down.  We can just build a story together – out loud,” exclaimed Bea.

“Girls – Grandma Cecily is coming to take you to church. She’ll be here in a few minutes,” their stepbrother raised his voice over the TV in the living room.

“Oh yeah – church,” they both said it together. They both hesitated and lamented at the same time.  Maybe one more episode of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding wasn’t so bad after all.

Bea noted that the episode that was starting was a British version of the show.  All things British reminded her of her big sister, Prudence. They had not been allowed to see their big sister for almost two years. Why?  She still asked herself that question. Bea squashed the thought by looking at the TV again.

Grandma Cecily was nothing if not punctual.  The girls quickly ran brushes through their hair and changed into clean shirts.

The church was full of people.  Advent was ending and people where hoping to get in a few good words with the “Man Upstairs” before the big day tomorrow. The choir sang a few Christmas songs.  They sang a haunting rendition of “O Come O Come Emmanuel.” Purity could not help but watch the singer as she caressed each word of the song.  Despite feeling separate from many things these days, this song seemed to be calling to her…

“What are they saying? I don’t understand,” said Bea as the second verse began.

“They are singing in Latin.  Latin is the origin of many languages, including Spanish,” Grandma spoke softly yet with gravity.  The girls continued listening.

Bea looked over at Purity and Purity looked at Bea.  There was a change in the air.  It was clear that most people in the church had missed it.  But Purity and Bea knew the presence of magic when they felt it. They always felt it when their sister, Prudence Scattergoode, was about to appear in their lives.

“She’s coming,” whispered Purity.

“I know,” replied Bea.

“HE’S coming! Christ’s birth is upon us!  Rejoice and be thankful!” The minister was in good voice tonight.  “Now, our young people are invited to exit the sanctuary and meet with our youth coordinator in her classroom.” Both girls looked at their grandmother.  She nodded.  They got up and started to follow the children, tweens and other teens out of the sanctuary.

“Don’t forget your purse, Purity,” remarked Bea.  Purity grabbed her purse.  She grabbed it so fast however, she was not looking where she was going.  “Wham!” She ran right into something large and unrelenting.  She wilted to the floor.