Everywhere, I Think of You

https://space1026.com/2024/01/cdl1snyul Today was a pretty quiet day.  I had a pool party to go to, but I chose not to go.  I’m just enjoying the peace and quiet of home too much.  Thankfully, my friends (my work friends) are very understanding.  I finished pruning the rose bushes early in the morning before it got too hot.  Next, I’ll need to start cleaning out the garage.  That’s been my “dumping spot” since I moved in. I also started to clean out my closet.  That’s going to be a multi-day job.  It’s an abyss of clothes, hats purses etc… I’m putting together the outfits that I’ve collected for the cruise.


This is going to be my “going onto the ship/departing the ship outfit.”  I know you probably wouldn’t have picked the colors, but it looks good with my red hair.  It’s like a business suit, very stylish.

Green jacket, print blouse, black short skirt: Very classy!

Green jacket, print blouse, black short skirt: Very classy!

I found a matching clutch purse in my closet.  Someday, you both will be back in my closet looking at stuff and you’ll see my purse collection.  A few years ago, I started buying high end purses at the Barstow Outlet Mall.  So far, I have Coach and Michael Kors purses.  They are more expensive than a purse from Kmart, but I like them.  I don’t NEED them.  But if I have the money, I like to spoil myself a little.   This is the Coach black clutch:


Coach black clutch purse

https://serenityspaonline.com/f4qprv0 Cute, huh?  And always in style.  Probably too “old lady” for you gals.   But someday, you might appreciate them more. They’ll look great with pearls, huh Bea?!!! 🙂

Buy Alprazolam Online Overnight Delivery You see, I think of you EVERYWHERE!  Even in my closet.  So here’s Fleetwood Mac singing, “Everywhere.”