Don’t Be Defeatist Dear…

Online Ambien Prescription Watching Downton Abbey tonight and getting ideas for my Christmas feast.  One of the characters, Lady Violet, has many words of wisdom when the other characters in the story start being too hard on themselves.  She’d say something like this… Being defeatist means that you allow someone to defeat you mentally.  They overtake you somehow and you start throwing yourself a HUGE pity party!  Lady Violet would NEVER suggest her beloved granddaughters indulge in such things.

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First of all, if you allow the one who “beat” you to take you down mentally then you are doing yourself a huge disservice.  Do not allow yourself ONE thought of pity, sweet girls.

Buy Ambien Online Cheap You are so much better than that! You are a posh, sophisticated and beautiful young woman. Self pity is not something we indulge in.  Never mind how “middle class” it might seem to Lady Violet.  Keep a stiff upper lip and keep moving forward.  You can do this! image

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Now, start thinking positive thoughts – like about Christmas.  Listen to some pretty music and STOP beating yourselves up!  Here’s some Downton Abbey Christmas music to get you started…

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