Eight Days of Holidays: Part 2

Prudence stroked her middle sister’s forehead.

“Being the big sister is tougher than you thought!” said Prudy.  “I know you are staying with Bea and I’m so proud of you for that!  It is the right thing to do.  You are already so much more of a grown up than you might realize.  Choosing the hard road isn’t fun.  But you chose right.  I love you so much, sweet Purity.  What a beautiful soul you are.  Don’t you forget it!”. As she she said these last few words, Prudence bent down and touched her nose to Purity’s nose.

“You cannot lie down here, young lady!” scolded an airport security guard.  Prudy helped her sister into a nearby chair.

“Wait!  I’m coming!  I’m right here!” gasped Bea.

“I’m glad you made it!  It’s time to board the plane,”  remarked Prudy.  Prudy hugged her littlest sister, but noticed she seemed a bit stiff.

They got on board the airplane and found their seats.  This time, Purity had the window seat.  Prudy sat between her two sisters and Bea was on the end.  The girls waited patiently for the airplane to begin taxing down the runway.  Before long, they were off on their Christmas trip to New York.

Traveling on Christmas Eve Day was an adventure all in itself.  One man brought a tree they was all lit up. The stewardesses passed out festive drinks and a turkey dinner to all the passengers.  And after a few hours, to pass the time, the passengers sang Christmas carols.

“Why didn’t you just cast a spell that took us right to New York?” asked Bea.  She had a bit of attitude in her voice as she said it.

“I wanted to spend this night with my arms around both of you,” replied Prudence.  “Besides, we can’t take a limo from the airport if we don’t fly on a plane.”

“A limousine?  Really?  We’re riding in a limo after this?” asked Purity.

“Yes,” said Prudence slowly.  Both girls squealed.  They had always wondered what it felt like to drive in one.

For the next several hours, they talked about this and that.  They also fell asleep watching one of their Grandmother’s favorite Christmas movies: The Bells of St. Mary’s.