Eight Days of Holidays: Part 3

As Purity, Prudence and Bea walked through JFK International airport, the same song kept going around and around in Purity’s head.

Purity and Bea were excited to get in the limo and start towards New York City.  They were surprised to discover that all the New York airports were a good hour or so outside New York City.  They realized their ride into “the city” was going to be longer than they’d anticipated.  This did not upset them, of course. And it wasn’t until the limo got into the city that the ride got really interesting…

When the limo pulled up to the Plaza Hotel on the corner of Central Park, both girls were very impressed,

“Kinda reminds me of Paris,” said Bea, her moodiness lifting.

“Wait til you see inside!” said Prudence.  “We have the Royal Suite for the week.”

“How can you afford all this?” asked Purity.

“Well, since we aren’t REALLY here, I can choose anything I want.  My choices are limitless,” said Prudence.

“But that’s not reality,” said Bea – her moodiness returning.

Prudence decided not to address that attitude in her youngest sister – yet.  “Who needs reality?!” said Prudy. “Christmas is a time for magic and wonder! Come on, we still need to decorate a tree this evening.  It isn’t Christmas without a tree!” But I think we should tour our suite first –

Purity was thrilled to have her own room again.  Prudy noticed that Bea’s mood did not improve after the tour of the suite.  Prudy called the front desk to have an eight foot tree, white lights, some fresh flowers (including lilies, white baby’s breath and hydrangea) and a few ornaments brought to their room.  Then, she went to Bea’s room.  The door was closed.  Prudence knocked.

“Don’t come in,” I’m taking a shower, said Bea.

You are going to miss decorating the tree,” said Prudence.

“I don’t care,” said Bea.

“OK, suit yourself,” said Prudence.

Once all the decorations arrived, Purity and Prudence set to trimming the tree.

“What’s wrong with Bea?” asked Purity.

“I don’t know,” said Purity.  And they worked in silence.  Prudence turned on the TV and got some Christmas Carols to play as they worked.

The tree turned out really gorgeous.  For not having too many ornaments, it looked pretty amazing.

Christmas Eve night passed without much noise or fuss.  The girls ordered pizza into their hotel suite and stayed up late watching Christmas movies.