You Are a Shooting Star in My Galaxy

Imagine a couple owlets sitting in a nest high up in the trees.  They are waiting for their mother to come home with dinner (Worms anyone???)  Just kidding!  They are looking up into the night sky and they see stars shooting across the sky.  What an amazing show for these little owlets to watch, huh?!


Tonight, I plan to get myself a few slices of pizza and a romaine salad. I plan to just celebrate getting to move forward in this journey.

When I did not get the 20 lbs, I was a bit disappointed that I’d have to stop.  It’s so nice to focus on something besides the family drama.  Honestly, I haven’t had to really think about it too much. I’m sorry that is not the case for you you.  But someday, you can choose whatever YOU want to do in your own life.  I’ve chosen to write stories and share my sketches and scribblings with this site: the Sketchyscribe.  Here’s an example of what I mean.

I had a dream a few nights ago about a person who died.  You know now, that someone I loved died about a year ago.  I didn’t write about it before because I was so sad and it made it easier to just keep our website upbeat.

I dreamt that I went to see this man.  He was very well, in fact he was very happy.  He was learning all kinds of new things.  He showed me all around Heaven.  They have these AMAZING chocolate chip cookie cupcakes with gynormous chocolate chips.  I ate three of them because they had no calories.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcakes

This man hugged me and it felt so good to be close to him again.  Then, he was gone.

Heaven is a happy place.  And it is a REAL place. Some people believe that we live in the 1% world.  Heaven is the 99% world.  So anything that happens bad here is only about 1% important. Faith, beauty, love, kindness these things exist.  Believe that, sweet sisters. I know being a teenage gal is tough.  But,  I want you to believe that there is much goodness in the world.  There is also darkness (as you know very well).  Try not to dwell on it and allow it to take away the loveliness inside you. I’ve witnessed that loveliness and like a shooting star streaming across the sky, your grace and goodness captures the attention of many admirers.  (I know, cause they were NOT looking at me!) You are beautiful, smart, kind hearted young women, and you are going to make such a light show in our little galaxy. Keep sparkling ladies! I believe in you.  XXOO