Thank You For Being a Friend

I went out with my coworkers after Drama Club today.  We had dinner together at Chili’s.  I was so good: no alcohol, no chips, no salsa.  I just had chicken, quinoa and broccoli. It is SO important to have people you can just “let your hair down around.”  I hope you have people in your life like this.

Then, I went to the gym.  It felt good to work out again.  Three days off and I was starting to miss it.  Being strong or weak – it’s a choice.  You make it everyday.


Grandma’s birthday is this Friday.  Please send her your love.  I plan to bring her some flowers and take her out (if she’ll let me).  She always wants to stay home with the dogs. For her birthday, she wanted a cookbook from my gym.  I got this for her and I’m going to get her a basket of good clean food to go with it.

Grandma really enjoys the TV show, the Golden Girls.  You might remember her watching it.  I like the theme song.  Kinda sounds a lot like my day today: full of good friends and good times.