Wisdom from Aunt Bee: Part 1

Words to the wise from Aunt Bee’s Facebook page. Relying on yourself is always a good bet. It all boils down to whether you trust one person…you. You can do anything in this world if you have trust within yourself.  The one GOOD thing about being isolated is, your learn to listen to “her.” “Her” voice is the clear, consistent voices side of you that contains solid judgement.  In other words, listen to your gut!  You know who lies and who speaks the truth.  You know by how people ACT. Words are beautiful, but they can be hollow.  Actions speak louder than words.  So decide what your next act of personal happiness will be, and do it.  (I think I’ll go enjoy a long hot shower.) Happiness is a minute by minute decision.  God wants you to be happy! What would make you happy?! Keep reading below the picture.


Be so damn happy that NO one can shake it!  Here’s Pharrell Williams again and his song, “Happy.”