Wisdom From Aunt Bee: Part 2

Aunt Bee had this posted on her Facebook page last night.  We all feel this way sometimes.  FYI: I am Facebook Friends with ONLY Aunt Bee and Big Brother at this point. Why?  I unfriended some people, blocked other people and got unfriended by still other people (little brother – why??- you got me. ?) Anyway, the family continues to be a mess ( this is NOT news, I suspect) Just in case you ever decide to create a free Facebook account and contact anyone, you know “the lay of the land.” I strongly suspect that my Facebook front pages are being watched so, be sure to PRIVATELY message anyone you want to contact.  As always, erase your history when you are finished.  Public libraries allow you one free hour on the Internet.  You do need a library card for this privilege.  You do not have to lose some of the people who love you.  And we can wait.  Be smart, be safe!  Be yourself!  ?