What a Wonderful World!

What a wonderful world I woke up to this morning…I dreamt of both of you.  I came to your house last night and spent the evening with you.  You were both young (Purity was about 7 and Bea was about 5) and you had a babysitter who let me visit you.  Strangely, it was a teacher friend of mine.  I don’t get to talk to her too much – she works at my school but at the other side of the campus.  But she was sympathetic and let me visit you.  I held onto Bea for a long time.  I do worry that Bea doesn’t know how much I love her.  I cradled her in my arms for almost the whole dream.

Cradling Girl Child

Then Purity wanted to take a bath (surprise!) and watch Toy Story.

It’s funny!  I just realized…remember your neighbor had that garage sale.  I bought a movie from him.  Guess which one?!  Toy Story! I believe there are NO coincidences/accidents.  Everything happens for a reason.  🙂

We did not get a chance to start the movie.  In our preparations for Purity’s bath, the dream ended.  But I did get to “see” you for a few minutes.  And I got to hold/hug Bea for a good long while. Bea,. you are such a good hugger.  And Purity, I do love it when you slip your arm around my waist and we “hang out” holding each other – arm in arm.  You both are so good at being loving.  Remember that!

Anyway, this song is from Louis Armstrong – jazz singer and all around cool cat from the 1950s.  He sang a version of “Wonderful World” that is so timeless – people still like it today.  The producers of Toy Story used his version of the song in the film.  We cannot watch the movie together, but we can enjoy some of it’s music – together. Enjoy!