Are You Coming to the Tree?

I’m making some decisions about traveling this summer.  And of course, you are both apart of those decisions.  I will NOT travel ANYWHERE the week of Purity’s birthday or after that date.  I will be here.

No pressure.


But remember – your sister.  She will need to get out too at some point.  Be careful not to make her exit harder than it has to be.  What do I mean?  If you have a big scene with the parents, they could make her exit more difficult – they could move (her) away, they could trap her (or you) with an obligation of some kind.  Your big brother TRIED talking to Dad about it respectfully.  Then, that Facebook fiasco.  I’d suggest you find a way to “slip away” unnoticed. Tell Bea as little as possible, so she can’t be held accountable.  Protect her as best you can.  But also, protect yourself.   Your big brother decided that he was going to fight back and the stepparent seemed almost glad when he left.  I bet Dad misses him though. She’s glad I’m gone.  I never hear from her.  My world is a peaceful place.

I’m sorry to have to be so blunt.  Experience has taught me to say what has to be said.  And you don’t HAVE to do anything.  It is YOUR life.  I’m very aware of that.

I’m happy with WHATEVER you choose to do.  I love you (both) PERIOD!


I’m doing well.  I was looking at cruises this summer.  Wow!  So many choices!  I found one that even goes to Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Prince Edward Isaland Cruise

We could go see the Anne of Green Gables House!  I’ve always wanted to do that!

Anne and her Green Gables

Gotta continue using my passport or it will expire.  I probably will not do this trip -yet.  I’ll wait for Bea.  I have a feeling she’d want to go too.  🙂

So it looks like I’ll be cruising south.  Hoping to find a cruise with a shore excursion that includes swimming with (yes – WITH) dolphins.  I know Purity would LOVE to hear how that feels.  So that means my cruise this summer will be in the Bahamas, Mexico or the Caribbean.  Still looking at all my choices.

But, one trip I absolutely have decided on: San Francisco.  I’ve never been, believe it or not.  The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco has the Hunger Games Exhibition showing.  I wanted to see it last year when I was in New York, but I ran out of time.  The exhibit will be in San Francisco until (at least) the end of July. Anyway, I bought a airline ticket last year that I didn’t use, so I think I’ll hop on a plane in early July and catch the exhibit, do a little wine tasting in the Napa Valley and then get back for Purity’s BIG day!

I’m going to have an “Independence Day” themed 18th birthday for you.

Independence Day Birthday Party

Of course, I’ll write you both a story.  You are always in my thoughts, sweet sisters.

No matter what, I will keep posting everyday.  Even if I get messages from you (because the stepparent has been known to masquerade as one of you kids) that you “hate me and never want to talk to me again”…I’ll keep writing.  Yes, I believe in you both that much.

In the meantime, here in Jennifer Lawrence and her remix of the song she sang to inspire her Mockingjay followers: “The Hangin Tree.”