This is Halloween!

Our class party was a smashing success!  My skull cake was deemed “very yummy” as were the cupcakes.  One of my student’s moms made a brain out of jello.  Another student brought mozarella cheese sticks AKA zombie fingers.  It was all very dark and macabre.  Speaking of dark and macabre, when I lived in the big city, I was so lucky to see an exhibit of Tim Burton’s art.  What an amazing talent.  He was just some kid from the states who had a dark and humorous way of looking at life.  This movie came out of a poem he actually wrote when he was in high school.  Look around.  Some young person around you might be the next artiste du jour (or artist of the day).  This is Halloween!  I adore this song.  It isn’t Halloween without it.  Yeah!  Let the candy fest begin!