The Tea Cups

So, imagine that we left our desert rock dream house around 8am yesterday morning.  We met up with my good friend, Mavican (who comments frequently on our website) for a fun filled day at the magical kingdom.  She drove us from Victoria Gardens Mall to Disneyland.  We parked in Simba.  (See Purity’s shirt – Simba) What fun we had laughing and talking all day.  We helped Mavican get over her fear of riding on the Pirates of the Carribbean. (Long story – Parental abuse!) We had lunch in that fancy restaurant next to the Pirates of the Carribbean.  We rode the monorail, the train, It’s a Small World (March 29th post), the Haunted Mansion and the Tea Cups.  Yeah!  What fun!  We got back around 1am last night.  Phew!