The Halloween Tree

I know how Bea loves to read.  And perhaps you will both remember me making you watch this Halloween movie with me.  Remember when we went to the Pumpkin Patch in your town?  Purity and I played in those HUGE pumpkins you can sit inside of and we also rode the little train around the field.  I still remember holding you in my arms, my sweet girls.  As long as we have that, I’m never far away.  Someday, far in the future, I will no longer be living and you’ll have to get through THAT difficult day.  You think this is tough…THAT day will be much harder.  On Halloween, we look death square in the eye. It can be frightening.  I love this story because it is about facing death head on.  The children in the story barter with a man who holds their friend’s life in his hands.  In the end, they offer to give up 1 year at the end of their life in exchange for the life of their dear friend.  Now, I can’t say there are too many people I’d barter like that for.  Only a few come to mind.  You two would make the short list.  Anyway, The Halloween Tree was written by Ray Bradbury. They made it into a cartoon in 1993 and I’m pretty sure I made you both watch it at some point.  Anyway, maybe you can find the book at the library.  You can rent it (or ask the parents if they will) on  It’s $2.99. Here’s the mysterious music to get you into a Halloweeny mood.