Six Minutes of Peace

When you are having a rough day, lay on your bed and listen to this.

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.  Your belly should slowly expand and contract.  Slow your breathing down as much as you can as you continue to listen to this grounding music.

Try to clear your mind of everything.

Focus ONLY on your breathing.

Imagine this breathing that you are doing is the only thing that matters.

In six minutes, you will feel better – I promise.

Have I ever lied to you?  : )

This meditation will center you. Breathe and relax. The universe is full of love for you. But in order to KNOW that deep inside of yourself, you must relax.

Do not allow those who work from fear to make you doubt the love the universe has for you.

The difference between people who have that abundant love and people who do not is…a decision.  You must decide to believe in it – even if it doesn’t seem real in this moment. And then, do not waiver in that belief.

I was not always the positive person you know me to be.  So, I speak from experience.

Thank God I have all the good people I have in my life.  Their love kept me grounded and focused.

My love for you can keep you focused.  And God’s love is that universal abundant love.

Love, Love, Love my sweet girls.