Register to Vote

I watched the presidential debate last night.  It was a lot like the first one … and the second one.  They repeated their (both of them) rhetoric about how they are the better candidate.  Yadda yadda yadda.

I’m not voting for either of them.  I don’t care if that means I’m “throwing my vote away.” I’m going to vote for a third party.  In the end, I might just write someone in.

It’s important to vote.  Lots of women spent time in jail and were beaten up on the street to win the right for women to vote.


You can register to vote online.  Please, Purity.  Try to vote in this election.  I know the choices are tough.  Welcome to the adult world!


Think of it as the next step to getting your “voice.”  It doesn’t come all at once.

And you are legally allowed to vote.  I’m telling you, you really don’t have to ask “permission” to do it.  Just give the parents the “heads up” that you registered to vote at school so they feel like they are “in the loop.”