Don’t Lose Your Own Voice

There are lots of ways to express your voice. Sometimes, talking to the person you are having a conflict with just isn’t going to make the issue better.  If the aggressive party (like some mean gal at school) isn’t interested in hearing what you have to say, you can find another BIGGER way to get your point across. You’ll need to “speak out” some other way.

image I’ve had an amazing idea.  I’m going to write a children’s book.  I have a friend who very much wants me to let her publish my stories (rough life, right!). A children’s book will be shorter and easier to manage.  I’ll draw the pictures or see if one of my arty friends wanna help. image

Buy Zolpidem Uk Online Step 1 and 2 are complete: It will be a picture book about children who are missing a certain adult in their life (a mom, a dad, a beloved aunt, an estranged brother). Trying to talk to the parents has just made the problem worse.  Grandpa tried.  I tried several times.  Someone gets offended and the “garage door” slams in my face. So, I’m going to go it from this angle: write a book, publish it, get a press release party going for it.  I’ll market the book like crazy until EVERYONE in our town knows that I wrote it. I will not use anyone’s real name.  But I think it will be clear who I’m speaking about. I promise to be careful.  I will be Prudent.  ☺️ You know what that world means, right? I do want to write out our sketchy scribe adventures teen novel too, but something tells me, I’d better wait til Bea turns 18.  I want her to be able to jump in her car and drive off if needed.