Some Passover Dessert For You

Well, the first night dinner is over. Everyone stayed to help clean up.  What an amazing night!  They were so thankful to have a place to go tonight to enjoy the holiday.  It was very relaxed.  I had my shoes/socks off the whole dinner.  I wanted everyone to be comfortable.  They all brought gifts or bottles of wine to share.  I am blessed with wonderful friends.  We had chicken with an apricot marinade as our main course, roasted potatoes, and honeyed carrots. For dessert we had chocolate covered strawberries with nuts.  Yum!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

We talked, took pictures and laughed.  Finally, my home was full of laughter and joy. That’s how a home should be.  I intend to keep entertaining and filling my home with all these good vibes.  Then, my sweet sisters, when you are able to visit me, you will feel all those “Good Vibrations.”