A River Lullaby

Zolpidem Buy Online India The story of Passover starts by a river.  And perhaps the mother of Moses, Yocheved (pronounced Yo-he-ved) sang her newborn son a lullaby like this one.  Mothers tend to do such things, especially when they are trying to comfort their child from a harsh reality of the world.  The truth was that the King of Egypt had proclaimed that all newborn Hebrew male babies must be put to death.  Why? Some “wise man” told Pharoah that a Hebrew boy child would one day deliver the slaves out of Egypt.  So the King of Egypt decided to kill ALL the Hebrew boys.  So, Yocheved decides, in order to save her child, she must break the law.  She chose not to submit to an evil law.  She chose to give up her son.  She couldn’t know what his future would hold.  But she cast him into the river and hoped that a better future awaited him.  I think I know a bit of how Yocheved must have felt.  To cast away a child that you love so much.  It is just not possible to spare them the harsh realities of life, or even to guide them through it.  And, you hope that someday, they “find a way back to you.”   Good night, sweet sisters.  This lullaby goes out to you.  (WARNING – Its a bit sad) The next post is MUCH happier.