Mother’s Day Moonlight Celebration

Next month, a couple of very special holidays come on the same day…Mother’s Day and Rosh Chodesh.  You know what Mother’s Day is, of course.  I know it isn’t the easiest day for you.  I thought it would be nice to write you a story to help you through it.

Rosh Chodesh is Hebrew for “head of the month.”  When the moon is new every month, Jewish women get together and have kind of a sisterhood night.  Usually it’s in the temple.  There are prayers and songs.  But…what if there was this magical kind of lady…

Moon Enchantress

An enchantress of sorts, who gathered the women at her new home for a little praying (like a house blessing), lots of singing, lots of eating, way too much laughing and telling of stories?  Would you want to come to my house for the evening and spend some time with me and my gal pals? You’ll be my guests of honor.

That is the premise for my new story to be launched on Mother’s Day: Mother’s Day Moonlight Celebration.  You might laugh so hard, you snort!

Anyway, you are invited to read this fun story. Coming soon to

Once you start reading, you’ll feel like a new – YOU.