I’m a Genie in a Bottle

Just finished working.  I had been waiting for a parent to show up for a meeting.  No show, no call – typical.  But I still get to post stories, sketches and songs to my two favorite girlies.  I hope life is treating you well.  I’m doing splendidly.  I had to get a proposal into my boss this week for some rigging I want installed on the back wall of the stage.  A Theatre teacher’s work never ends.  I know SO much about the acting part of Theatre.  I did take a class in lighting, but I’m having to learn a lot (or relearn a lot) about the back stage stuff.  Making “the magic” happen so the audience can come on the journey with us is my new obsession – aside from writing you.  I can’t wait until I can lower the lights onto the stage, change the color gels inside and rehoist them into the space above the actors.  It’s going to happen in stages.  I’m going to have to drag my boss onto a REAL stage so he can understand everything we DON’T have.  Until then, I feel like a genie, stuck in a bottle.  There is just so much I can do.  Ever feel that way?  I know you do.  Here is Dove Cameron’s version of the song, Genie in a Bottle.  Love it!