Lots of Colors

see I had so much fun with my drama club kids today.  We were playing this game called freeze.  I think I’ve mentioned it before.  If you don’t remember, check it out.  Type “freeze” on the search line of the website.  Anyway, I jumped in to play, as I usually do.  It was one of those “No she didn’t,” type moments.  The kids could not stop laughing.  I love Tuesdays and Thursday’s and so do the kids.  I have a core group of really dedicated kids.  I’m very blessed. I think Drama teaches you see your truest self.  Purity, remember when you visited my drama class?  You were about six years old.  You also came to a rehearsal I had when you were about twelve.  And Bea – you ARE an actress.  I can tell you want to let her out!  Maybe you’ll “strut the boards” with me someday.  That’s an idiom for “get on stage and act with me.” Or maybe you’ll help me sew costumes.  You’ve both helped me find costumes, remember?  I paid you both minimum wage.  You both ran through the thrift stores looking for stuff.  Somehow, I see Purity as more of a backstage person: lights, sound, set design.  I’m the meantime, know that I see you.  I know your true colors. ?

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