Let’s Have a Desert Oasis Pool Party!

To celebrate our dear Bea and her graduation – not to mention the start of the summer, I propose we have a desert oasis themed pool party in our desert dream home.  You can invite all your friends and family. Everyone we love would be there to have snacks and graduation cake, talk, laugh and celebrate all the world has given us.  Being this is a fantasy, we’d cater the party so waiters would walk around among the guests asking what they wanted to eat or drink.  We have our party at night so we’d have time to get you both all dolled up.  Since we have staff to clean our house (except on Friday and Saturday), they’d put up the tables,decorations and lights around the pool.  They’d set out the food and drinks.  All we’d have to do is go out and get beautiful: manicures, pedicures, even a special blow out hairstyle for the evening if you wanted it. And then we’d come back to greet family and friends waiting to celebrate! The centerpiece of our evening would be Bea’s graduation of course, so we’d eat some owl cake (see below) and really let her know how proud we are of her accomplishment. Yum! Pass the Cool Ranch Doritoes!  I’m getting hungry!

Cool Pool3 Owl Cake