Can You Hear the Music?

Now, I know I’m pushing your imaginations to make this feel real.  Only a small part of these posts will ever be real.  I know my descriptions sound magical.  But I’m sending you both my strength and this is the way I know to do it.  If these posts make you smile just ONE more time today, or the music I send you gets stuck in your head and keeps you feeling uplifted, I’ll have done what I set out to do.

So, a party, isn’t a party without music.  I’d have some requests of our DJ of course, but I’d rely on you both to have some ideas.  Go to your music storage place and make a list of music you’d want for our party tonight.  Maybe later tonight, you can listen to them one after the other so it sounds like a party.  What songs would you pick? I can just hear it, Bruno Mars or Taylor Swift playing in the background as the stars twinkle in the desert night sky. Now, go turn on some fun party music and imagine that it is true! Here’s one to get you started.