Learn to Love Yourself

Learning to love yourself can take a lifetime.  It starts when you begin to see there are so many ways that others are getting through this world.  Some people seem so lucky (trust me, it just looks that way).  Some people seem to have it all.  But anyone can love themselves.

How do you do this?

Well, it starts by being your own best friend.  Really listen to yourself, for starters.  That doesn’t mean you can (or should) share what you feel with others.  But really get in touch with what you WANT.  Nothing can manifest if you don’t start honing in on the details.  Listen to Olivia Newton John’s beautiful song.  Breathe deeply as you listen.

Then ask yourself “What do you want?”

Start focusing on just ONE thing.  Even just a cup of coffee.

Believe you deserve it.  (Everyone deserves a cup of coffee).  Start small and keep focusing.  If you don’t believe you deserve things ( a happy life, a loving boyfriend, etc…) you’ll never get these things.  They all come with the best relationship – the one you have with yourself.