Let Me Introduce You to… You

I hope you had a good day today.  I sure had a nice day.  Nothing real exciting going on today.  Worked, came home, watched Dr. Phil…the usual.  One of his topics made me realize that I’ve never talked with you about a very important subject: drugs.

I’ve never had any in my life: not one joint, not one line – nothing!  It probably might have been easier to make friends if I had.  And hanging out with all the drama kids in high school, I had oppurtunities.  But I guess I sort of wore my “Say no to drugs” attitude like a badge of honor.   It made me UNIQUE among the other kids.  To this day, I’ve not had any drugs.  I’ve done other things (which we can talk about personally someday) to let my wild side out.  But never drugs.  I guess I was always nervous to kill off brain cells or something.  I was always worried that I wasn’t enough to begin with (which is silly) so why take myself down further?  No, I had a passion – acting – and nothing was more important than that.  Find your passion.  I don’t care what it is: recycled trash art, belly dancing, robotics, cars… Just do what you love and keep all those brain cells.  Don’t lose the best parts of yourself for a few minutes of escape.  I know it’s tempting. You cannot meet people in a good place if you are not there yourself.