Just Another Manic Monday

I hope you are having a great day off!  I stayed home (except going to the gym) and organized my office.  I needed to get some room in there to put the bookcase that was in the living room. Remember my black leather couch (Purity had to sleep on it once), I’m putting it into the first guestroom.  That way, when I have a party, people can sit in there and talk or put their coats on the bed. That is if no one is sleeping in there.  Next Sunday, my brand new living room furniture and my queen size bed is coming!

Here are pictures in case you missed them:

Living room idea1

Lake House Art

I’m doing this whole “lake theme” in the living room.  I’m NOT using those pillows, though!  YUCK!  The hardwood laminate floor has an orange tint to it so I bought some gorgeous orange pillows. And I have a rug with colors like “a sunset over the lake.” The colors are going to “pop” so beautifully! I’m so excited! So, it’s just another “Manic Monday,” over at my house.  Wish you were here.  🙂