Eight Days of Holidays: Part 5

Remember when we went ice skating at the Queen Mary?” asked Purity.  They had those cool seal sleds to help keep you steady…”

“Yes,” replied Prudy.  “That would help Bea get out on the ice faster.  I don’t think they have those.” The girls took off their shoes and laced up their skates.

“The blades on these skates are super sharp!” said Bea.

“So remember, when you fall – and you will fall, Bea – be careful that you don’t get cut by the blades,” said Prudence.  “More specifically, when your hands are on the ice after you’ve fallen and you are getting up, be careful that your blades or someone else’s blades don’t cut your hands. This can be a dangerous activity.  That’s why they always make you sign a release of liability.”

The girls used each other and the nearby railing to steady themselves as they walked out onto the rink.

“Let me go around the rink a few times and get my ‘skating legs,'”said Prudy.  “Then I can help you both.  I’ll have to help Bea more Purity as you’ve done this before.”

“About a million years ago!” retorted Purity.

Watching their oldest sister struggle around the rink a few times made it clear to both girls how tough skating was.  Just putting your skates onto the ice and moving forward seemed difficult.  Purity noticed her younger sister’s concern and she found a video on YouTube to help tutor them:

“Ok, I’m ready to help you now, Purity,” said Prudence.  They grabbed hands and Prudence helped Purity out onto the rink. After a single turn around the rink, Prudence came for Bea.  They all fell a number of times.  But even falling brought on tumults of giggles.  They stayed at the rink for several hours into the evening. Purity really got into the swing of the skating especially during this song:

Bea was particularly thrilled to skate to this song…

Later, they went back to the hotel, ate the remaining cold pizza and fell asleep all bundled together on Prudence’s bed.