Easter Island Plans

Just booked my vacation on “Paradise Island.”  Of course, I’m taking you with me! Another story will be created just for you.  And you know, we’ll go there for REAL when we are able.  But I gotta check it out.  Just think: miles of beach, Polynesian music, bikinis, bright red lipstick – way too much fun!  I think I’ll hang out out at the pool after a long day of exploring.  It’s nice to have things to look forward to, isn’t it? Of course, I’ll still be on my challenge, so I’ll have to eat sensibly.  I can do that!  I’ll be surrounded by fish.  Maybe I’ll try tilapia again.  🙂  Looks great huh! And here’s some music to help you picture us there.  Just close your eyes, feel the cool breeze and you’ll be there with me.


These dancers are performing a Polynesian dance on Easter Island.  I like the beat of the song.  It just sounds so happy!  Everyone is smiling and kisses are being blown.  Very pleasant vibes in this video. I wish I could do that with my belly!    I hope you enjoy it!  Xxoo