Dreamin’ of You

https://elmilanoreal.com/jn7284znf Your cosmic DJ has found another great song for you to enjoy this evening.  I’m not sure what time of day, you get to see my posts.  Or how often.  But I continue to post an average of two posts a day.  Sometimes it’s three (like yesterday).  I get inspired. Sometimes I post ahead so if I can’t post, you don’t miss out.  Tomorrow night, I’m seeing my fella.  So I’m not sure I have a chance to post. I have been posting since December (see archived posts).  Thank you for reading, my sweet girls.  You are creating an artist, you know.  It pushes me to be creative and come up with things to say.  This is a wonderful song by an enchanting artist named Selena.  What a beautiful voice!  And her song is perfect for us.  Enjoy!

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